Cosy Cabin / Transportable Prefabricated Houses

The 39.82M pre-fabricated home that can be installed in 8 hours (does not include the foundation nor connection to general services)

8-Hour Assembly

A simple question: 8 hours to host a party or 8 hours to build a home?

What Can You Do in 8 Hours?

Pre-Wired and pre-Plumbed to Australian Standards

Each prefab home comes with a pre-installed shower, sink & toilet. Among the included options are wardrobes for each bedroom, kitchen and overhead cupboards as well as a reverse-cycle air-conditioner for the living space.

Cosy Cabin is a distributor of the high quality Putian Integrated Housing (PTH) Prefab-X SPD prefabricated houses built in Zhejiang China. Putian Integrated Housing is the top rated manufacturer of pre-fabricated houses in China.



  • Windows:bridge-cutoff insulated aluminum alloy frame + double glazing units
  • Outside door: bridge-cutoff insulated aluminum alloy frame + double glazing french door
  • Inside door:aluminum alloy frame+solid wood composite door
  • Anti-weathering coating profiled metal board
  • Wall filling: high thermal insulation PCF expanded polyurethane foam
  • Nano-tech inside wall: bamboo fiberboard
  • SPC locking floor, anticorrosive and pressure resistant
  • Pre installed shower with a four-in-one bathroom heater/blower/exhaust/light, explosion-proof tempered glass sliding door
  • Pre installed toilet, wash basin, cabinet, mirror, glass shower screen and hand rail
  • Pre installed Australian Switchs, sockets and recessed LED ceiling lights

Included Options for Australia

  • Reverse Cycle Air-conditioner for the living room
  • Kitchen floor cabinet with stainless steel sink and stone countertop
  • Kitchen Overhead wall-mounted Cupboard
  • Full height wardrobes as partition wall
  • Parapet wall, gutters and down pipes for water collection
  • 40L Electric Hot Water heater

Additional Available Options

  • Reverse Cycle Air-conditioners for the bedrooms
  • Inbuilt dual-hob Induction Stovetop
  • Spiral pile foundation
  • 150mm H Footing beams
  • Prefabricated Composite Decking system with steel frame


Product Details

  • Anti Seismic: Second level (9 degrees)
  • R value: 2.95K.m/W (R4.0)
  • Wind-resistance: 200km/h (Level 16)
  • Snow load: 1.0 kN/㎡
  • Sound-insulate: ≥60db
  • Fire-resistance: Level 3 (0.5 hours)
  • Durability: 50 years
  • Outdoor height: 2.54m
  • Indoor height: 2.35m

High Weather Resistance And High Strength Wall Structure

  • Bamboo wood fiber composite interior wall
  • Supporting derivative frames
  • PIR Squeeze film forming
  • High weather resistant metal pressed plate
  • High-strength aluminum alloy mechanism

Bamboo Fiber Interior Wall

High Weather Resistant Metal Pressed Plate

High-strength Aluminum Alloy Structure

Some More Interior Images


Standard Cutaway above and Layout below

Please see the product specifc pages in the "House Series" menu above, for more information on each model.

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